Created By Andres L Nieves III

My goal is simple, To make cartoons !

     As an Animator and Filmmaker I want to create content rooted in Authenticity, Creative Storytelling, Empathy, Purpose and Passion.

Thanks for watching!

Welcome to LUNABIS !

      A whimsical world where you will meet DEON, a boy who loves the adventures of geocaching. PICKET, a self proclaimed superstar robot unicorn. CHASE, a girl who loves gaming and comic books. FITZWINKLE, the doctor, inventor and scientist. DRE, the man with the profitable ideas. And JO, the creator of Boost Energy Drink and owner of Jo's Cryptokey Lounge, where they all hang out.

      In his very first mini adventure, Deon learns that the mythical Plopacronicus does exist. And in order to gain respect as a kid and bulid his hoverboard racetrack in Lunabis Park, he must teleport into the Metaverse with his friends Chase and Picket to find the Plopacronicus.

Animatic under revision.

In Development

I will repost new version soon